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Send SMS to any phone number on a web page or web application for free with Ardary Solo App or with Ardary Pro, and manage SMS answers from Ardary SMS Box. https://www.ardary-sms.com Ardary Solo App : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wstechnologies.ardarysolo # Ardary SMS is a unique SMS system that allows you to : - Send & Receive SMS Text Messages on computer - Make the most of powerful SMSing tools* - Save time - Start immediately # 2 solutions to transport SMS : - 100% FREE - Ardary SOLO : Uses your CURRENT Android Phone Number & your own mobile subscription. Install Ardary SOLO App on your Android mobile, and your mobile is synchronized with all your devices & Ardary Extension. or - FREE TRY - Ardary PRO : We provide you SMS and virtual mobile numbers. # Visit Ardary website : https://www.ardary-sms.com # BOOST YOUR COMMUNICATIONS Professionnal SMS tools : - marketing tools : lists, campaigns, detailed stats, ... - booster tools : SMS templates, scheduled messages, PDF send, ... - electronic signature full SMS - remote credit card payment - remote visio-support