The Client Relations Factory

The Client Relations Factory (TCRF): The best highly interactive self-help solution! GET A BETTER CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!, INCREASE YOUR SALES and IMPROVE YOUR BRAND IMAGE! A Virtual Robot is an animated character with the ability to interact with people in an autonomous way. It is a great tool for Promotion & Sales support, Client Support and Client Engagement. Why TCRF? - It is 40 times cheaper than live chat - It is 20 times cheaper than replying to emails - It is 60 times more economical than answering phone calls - Quick and easy to deploy - Powered by an advanced Natural Language Processing engine assures accuracy of responses - Made by FIONA: The platform for creating virtual robots, that is since last December 1st, one of the twenty available on the Federation for Research and Experimentation in the Future Internet (Fed4FIRE). - And much more... GET YOUR VIRTUAL ROBOT IN 3 STEPS, CUSTOMIZE IT WITH YOUR BRAND IMAGE, GIVE IT THE KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR PRODUCTS AND INTEGRATE IT ON YOUR WEBSITE